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A fresh mix of green bamboo and olive blossom with elements of black pepper, aniseed, water hyacinth and bergamot and undertones of oakmoss and musk.  A really light and airy fragrance that is right at home in the greenhouse.  Regarded by many as Klinta’s gentlest fragrance.

Welcome to a world where we unite Klinta’s beautiful, natural fragrances with Danish Friihof + Siig’s eye-catching designer jewelry to create a fantastic gift – for yourself or for someone special. Yes, you read that right: there’s actually a piece of jewellery inside the candle that gradually reveals itself as the candle burns. This is what you do:

Over 50 different pieces of jewelry can be found in the candles in the form of necklaces or earrings. The jewelry alone sells in the shops for anywhere between 25€ And 45€. And the element of surprise is maximized by the total unpredictability of which piece will be revealed next.

Käännös tulossa pian!


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